50 Things to Do this Summer in and around Moncton

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Located near the boundary of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Moncton is the largest city in New Brunswick.
Whether you’re visiting the area or enjoying a staycation, there are loads of terrific summer activities in the region from watching the world’s highest tides to summer vacations. Moncton offers something unique for all ages with it’s rich cultural and art scenes.We are proud to be the number 1 towing company in Moncton!

Here are 50 summer activities in the vicinity of Moncton from enjoyable festivals to thrilling excursions — 2019
1. Riverview SUNFEST
Kickoff summertime fun in Riverview. Lively outdoor events, family fun, and a grand Canada Day celebration! June 26 to July 1, 2019 . Sunfest

2. Shediac Lobster Festival
Annually, nine days are set aside in the summer to observe lobsters and the awesome dishes which can be created from them. It’s been occurring for the past 69 years and provides an all you can eat lobster experience, so you might want to package your lobster bib when you visit this festival. The festival also has entertainment for both adults and kids using a Midway, magicians, musicians, beach games and competitions. — Shediac from July 10 — 14, 2019

3. Rotary RibFest Moncton
Round up the whole family and visit the annual Rotary Ribfest Moncton. Entry to the event is free, and you’ll be able to purchase the food and drinks you would like. Every ribber has their very own menu and their own spin on ribs, so you should make certain to look around before deciding which sort of ribs you’d like to eat. There’s also live east coast music and kids’ activities for the entire family to enjoy. Rotary RibFest Moncton — Moncton from June 20 — 23, 2019

4. Magic Mountain Water Park — Moncton
If you love waterslides, you should definitely plan a trip to Magic Mountain Water Park. There are water activities for the entire family. Young kids can splash in the splash pad. If you’re really daring, head into the Torpedo Drop Capsule. You should make certain to remember to use sunscreen because you’ll want to spend the entire day here. Magic Mountain Water Park

5. Mud City Meltdown — Moncton
The Mud City Meltdown takes over downtown Moncton during the last week of July. The outdoor stage welcomes both world-class and local bands. Together with the live shows, there’s also an educational component including free workshops and panels for music fans to get involved in. Mud City Meltdown — 2019 dates TBA

6. The Homestead Restaurant — Riverview
A community favorite and a well-kept secret, the Homestead Restaurant serves up generous platters of home-cooked food together with delicious home-baked dish and breads. It’s been open since 1991, so drop in for a superb meal, eat well but keep the key. The Homestead Restaurant

7. Hopewell Rocks — Hopewell Cape
Photo Credit: Tourism New Brunswick

Only an hour outside of Moncton is your Hopewell Rocks. These distinctive stones are formed from the Bay of Fundy’s tides. During low tides it is possible to walk on the beach and explore the 2km of beach and coves. If you visit during high tides, you can kayak around the Hopewell Rocks.

8. Parlee Beach — Shediac
Photo Credit: Stephen Downes

This lovely beach is only a brief drive from Moncton and is called Canada’s warmest salt water beach. Together with the supervised shore, there are also places to play volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and a campground you can stay at. The onsite campground has change homes, showers, washrooms, playground, picnic area, an amphitheatre, a camper’s shop, and lots of free parking. Parlee Beach

9. ImaginAIR Festival — Dieppe
Enjoy fireworks, kiteflying, live entertainment, outdoor activities, workshops concentrated on the culinary arts and astonishing performances inspired by the atmosphere and summer colours! Festival.

10. Shediac Bay Cruises — Lobster Tales — Shediac
The Shediac Bay Cruises, also called Lobster Tales, will instruct you about the lobster industry and the way to cook lobsters the Acadian way. The tour is about 2 1/2 hours long and will take you round the Shediac Bay. Shediac Bay Cruises

11. Magnetic Hill Zoo — Moncton
The largest zoo in Atlantic Canada, the Magnetic Hill Zoo is home to over 500 animals from around 80 species. This zoo houses a varied collection of animals from all over the world, such as Amur tigers, lions, leopards, zebras, Gibbon apes, cotton-top tamarins, and lemurs from Madagascar. The zoo was created from the ground up to be comfortable for all of the creatures that call it their house. Magnetic Hill Zoo

12. Inspire Festival — Moncton
This festival is where road art comes alive and turns Moncton to a living piece of art with murals, interactive installations, performances, live art and much more. If you wish to be a human canvas, be certain you stop by the Colour Party at the Park. This collaboration between the regional companies, artists, and residents creates a special feeling you could not find again. Inspire Festival from July 8 — 13, 2019

13. DIY Studio — Moncton
The DIY Studio offers the largest choice of paint your own pottery in Moncton, therefore there’s something for everybody. They’ve 250 pieces of pottery and above 75 paint colors to select from. If you will need any help, they also have stencils, silkscreens, and stamps which you can use to decorate your own pottery. DIY Studio — Moncton

14. Mystery Moncton Escape Rooms — Moncton
Can you beat the clock and escape? The Mystery Moncton Escape Rooms will challenge your problem solving and teamwork skills. So, just select your story, grab your friends and head . Mystery Moncton Escape Rooms

15. Crystal Mountain Party Palace — Moncton
This is a superb place to visit if it’s raining. You may try out their golf simulators or play a game of laser tag at Moncton’s finest indoor amusement centre. There are numerous laser tag games to select from and above 85 real-world class to test your hand at. Crystal Mountain Party Palace — Moncton

16. TreeGO — Moncton
Zip around the woods like Tarzan in TreeGo, which is situated just outside of Moncton. There are multiple activities readily available, so that you can pick how far and how fast you want to go. There’s also a special area that’s designed for children from 7 to 13 years old. TreeGO — Moncton

17. Fit Rocks Climbing Gym — Moncton
Fit Rocks Climbing Gym is a superb place to go indoor rock climbing because it’s the biggest indoor rock climbing facility in Atlantic Canada. They have new climbing routes all of the time, a digital bouldering game wall, and a child’s wall to the younger climbers. They also have a complete training area for overall fitness for men and women that are not climbers. Fit Rocks Climbing Gym

18. Resurgo Transportation Discovery Centre — Moncton
Among Moncton’s newest family attractions, it could be small but is a fun interactive museum. Children can launch a rocket, fly a plane, build a truck and examine their crafts in a wind tunnel. This science museum makes learning fun with its collection of interactive displays and hands on activities for all ages. Resurgo Transportation Discovery Centre

19. Mosaiq Multicultural Festival — Moncton
Downtown Moncton is full of the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the world throughout the Mosaiq Multicultural Festival in July. This is the time when you are able to connect with your roots and find out about new cultures. Both times are packed to the brim with things to do and yummy food to enjoy. Mosaiq Multicultural Festival — from July 19 — 20, 2019.

20. Festival Acadie Rock — Moncton
Explore Acadian culture through songs, performing arts, visual arts, and meals in the yearly Festival Acadie Rock. The week is full of activities and there are live shows just about every evening. So, get ready to party and make new friends. Festival Acadie Rock — 2019 dates TBA

21. Small Louis — Moncton
Serving up dishes which are amazing to look at and prepared for Instagram photos, Small Louis provides a really unique dining experience. Small Louis has been given a Four Diamond Restaurant standing by the AAA/CAA Together with the Wine Spectator Award. Small Louis — Moncton

22. Enjoy a vegetarian meal in Calactus — Moncton
Having a menu inspired by food from throughout the world, Calactus offers its clients the freedom to purchase anything for vegetarians. Their food is also appreciated by many meat eaters who might want to try something new. You should make certain to complete your meal with one of the incredible homemade vegan desserts. Calactus

23. Capitol Theatre — Moncton
Capitol Theatre is among a few fully-restored vaudeville theaters in Canada and it welcomes over 80,000 guests each year. This theatre is the core of the area’s performing arts, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy in both French and English. Guided tours are also offered. Capitol Theatre — Moncton

24. Magnetic Hill Winery — Moncton
Located just off of the Trans-Canada Highway is your beautiful Magnetic Hill Winery. You can do a tasting of the award-winning wines, or have a picnic on the terrace of the farmhouse. The gift boutique offers over 100 unique Maritime handicrafts and local products for memorabilia which you can pick from. Magnetic Hill Winery

25. Tidal Bore
Made by the Bay of Fundy tides, the Tidal Bore occurs twice a day. Watch the water at the Petitcodiac River rolls back upstream in 1 wave, which is up to 60 cm tall. If you’re considering visiting the Tidal Bore, arrive about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time because there are a variety of factors that influence the river. Tidal Bore

26. Fundy National Park
Photo Credit: Canadian Tourism Commission

Along with having the experience of visiting the world highest tides, the Fundy National Park also has pristine forests and campgrounds. There over 120kms of paths to research and 3 campgrounds which it is possible to stay at. It is possible to connect with nature by camping or simply enjoy the beach for the day. Fundy National Park

27. Tide & Boar Gastropub — Moncton
A play on”Tidal Bore”, the Tide & Boar Gastropub was named among Canada’s Top 50 Restaurant by McLean’s Magazine, and has been featured on”You Gotta Eat Here”. So, stop in and enjoy scrumptious, local dishes together with great regional beers and wines. The restaurant also has great regional musicians. Tide & Boar Gastropub

28. Campbell Carriage Factory Museum — Sackville
Explore this 1855 carriage factory that was operational until 1949, and has been restored in 1999. It’s the only existing carriage factory in Canada. The barn is used to display a range of exhibits. You might even explore the blacksmith shop and the primary two-storey building. Campbell Carriage Factory Museum

29. Live Bait Theatre — Sackville
Committed to improving the cultural life of the fundamental Maritime area, the Live Bait Theatre entertains visitors with many different live shows, including live music, comedy and dinner theater. Lots of the displays are new Canadian broadcasts, plays, and artwork which are new to the area. Both old and new artists are invited to the stage at the Live Bait Theatre. Live Bait Theatre — Sackville

30. Mel’s Tea Room — Sackville
Mel’s Tea Room is a long-time neighborhood favorite and landmark. It started in 1945 and has been serving amazing burgers and homemade fries ever since. Thus, when you see Sackville, stop in to enjoy delicious homemade comfort food, and maybe chat with some of the regional residents. Mel’s Tea Room

31. Tantramar Wetlands Centre — Sackville
Spend a day learning about the importance of wetlands and the animals who call these areas home in the Tantramar Wetlands Centre. They provide programs for all ages, and they welcome over 4,000 visitors every year. Tantramar Wetlands Centre

32. Tubing with Gallan’s Miramichi River Tubing — Doyles Brook
Connect the Gallan’s Miramichi River Tubing team for another season and tube down the beautiful Miramichi River. There are just two tube runs which you could select from, a 1 1/2 to two 1/2 hour run and a 3 to 5-hour run. There are campgrounds nearby if you’re looking to remain on the Miramichi River. Gallan’s Miramichi River Tubing

33. Art in the Park — Riverview
The Caseley Park bandstand will showcase artists with a number of musical backgrounds all summertime. Join the City of Riverview each Wednesday from 7 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. for a excellent summertime line-up of free concerts, local artwork on display and the Lady Boss Collective’s Chocolate River Market. Art in the Park

34. Marche Moncton Market — Moncton
Over 130 sellers visit the Marche Moncton Market every Saturday to sell their locally produced products. There’s something for everyone at this current market, so it’s fantastic for the entire family. The food court is the best place to pick up lunch and breakfast. Marche Moncton Market

35. Kouchibouguac National Park
Along the Acadian Coastal Drive is the Kouchibouguac National Park and some of the warmest salt water in New Brunswick. This is a superb place to go camping and explore the endless sand dunes. This beautiful area offers a unique blend of Acadian and Mi’kmaq cultures. Kouchibouguac National Park

36. Sackville Waterfowl Park — Sackville
Winner of Environment Canada’s National Award for Environmental Achievement, the Sackville Waterfowl Park enables you to get up near the local wildlife while it protects the environment. The 3.5 kilometre trail lets you spot over 160 bird species and 200 plant species. By mid-May to late August, guided tours are available for tourists and locals alike. Sackville Waterfowl Park

37. Le Pays de la Sagouine — Bouctouche
Traveling back in time and experience what life was like for Acadian’s. Located on a tiny island at Bouctouche, Le Pays de la Sagouine is a reproduction of an Acadian village based on Antonine Maillet’s character, La Sagouine. During the summer, there’s live theater, music, and comedy shows for people to enjoy. Le Pays de la Sagouine

38. Sappyfest — Sackville from August 2 — 4, 2019
Sappyfest is the yearly independent arts and festival which takes place the first weekend in August. The streets of downtown Sackville become full of music the entire weekend. If you will need a rest in the music, there are lots of street vendors and company open throughout the fest. Sappyfest

39. Irishtown Nature Park
Explore the old Acadian forests and wetlands in the Irishtown Nature Park. The park is 2,200 acres of woods and 250 acres of water, with paths to take you to various areas of the park. The Tankville School is at the beginning of the trail and has been completely restored. The schoolhouse is used for several outside educational programs and is available to rent for events. Irishtown Nature Park

40. Riverfront Park — Moncton
Along with being a fantastic place to observe the Tidal Bore, the Riverfront Park has 5 kilometers of multi-use trails you could hike. Relax on one of the shores or stop and smell the flowers at one of the numerous floral displays. The park is located conveniently downtown, so it’s close to a lot of shops and cafes. Riverfront Park — Moncton

41. Marche De Dieppe Market — Dieppe
On Saturdays, the Marche De Dieppe Market is a busy place and is the best place to learn about what is grown and create about Dieppe. Spend some time researching the 2 floors of sellers, and trying some of those remarkable handmade treats. Shopping neighborhood has never been easier. Marche De Dieppe Market

42. Musée Acadien de l’Université de Moncton — Moncton
There are over 42,000 items and photos on display at the Musée Acadien de l’Université de Moncton from the permanent exhibition”L’Aventure Acadienne”. Together with the permanent exhibition, the museum brings in temporary exhibits that explore history. You can take a guided tour or explore the museum on your own. Musée Acadien de l’Université de Moncton

43. Sky Zone — Dieppe
Spend a day bouncing off the walls in the Sky Zone indoor trampoline park. The team members will be certain that you’re having fun while being safe. If bouncing isn’t something, you can unwind in the Fuel Zone Café and have a cold drink and a bite. Sky Zone

44. Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival — Amherst into Truro
Spend some time observing wild blueberries across central Nova Scotia. There are a massive number of events in each city and communities to enjoy. You can even try u-picks or sample amazing dishes created with fresh wild blueberries. Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival August 16 — 31, 2019

45. East Coast Karting — Dieppe
Hit the trail in East Coast Karting, and race your friends or loved ones. It is possible to travel up to 65 kilometers per hour at the karts around the trail. Additionally, there are mini grand prix races which you can participate in or you may just watch. East Coast Karting

46. Fort Beauséjour — Fort Cumberland National Historic Site
Explore this historic fort in which the future of Acadians and North America has been determined. It’s on the border of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and is where France and Britain fought for Atlantic Canada. You can either take a guided tour or explore the fort yourself. Fort Beauséjour — Fort Cumberland National Historic Site

47. The Music Barn — Sackville
This over 150-year-old barn was made to a special music venue in 2007. It’s the best place to enjoy country or bluegrass music. The Music Barn

48. Clementine Café — Moncton
Serving up a good deal of cheer and flavorful coffee, the Clementine Café has become a neighborhood favorite. So, drop in and enjoy a cup of coffee or a local tea mix. Together with your tea or coffee and bite, you can play an exciting game of Foosball in their matches and lounge area. Clementine Café

49. Magnetic Hill — Moncton
Among Canada’s most visited natural wonders, Magnetic Hill fascinates every visitor with the ability to pull cars uphill. As soon as you’re on the mountain, you simply set your car in neutral and release the brake, then your car will be drawn up the mountain. A trip to Ivy Hill encourages you to open your mind, have fun, and enjoy one of nature’s miracles! Magnetic Hill

50. hop skip jump Indoor Play Space Moncton
Labelled as New Brunswick’s largest indoor play area, hop skip jump Indoor Play Space Moncton is a excellent place to go to on a rainy day. The activities differ from lasser mazes to virtual reality, wall scaling to toddler just actions. Really, this is where children come to play! hop skip jump


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